Turning Back the Doomsday Clock Starts With You.

What has to be said and who has to say it to get people not just to say they care when they’re around others but act like they care even when they aren’t? As individuals we need to do what we can NOW rather than waiting for our “leaders” to do something later because waiting for top down change to be initiated from those with the most vested interests and those funded by those with the most vested interests is a formula for failure.

Doing what you can to avoid fossil fuel powered trips along with reducing the damaged caused by unavoidable fossil fuel powered trips by taking public transportation or finding people to carpool with might not seem like much. Avoiding meat at your next meal in favor of a few of the healthy, humane, eco-friendly, and delicious plant based alternatives might not seem like much either, but it is, all of it, every individual action means a lot.

However we also need to realize that simply living responsibly isn’t enough because the challenges we face are far too pressing and there are currently far too few people living like they care about this planet to reach a positive tipping point anytime soon. Therefore as the true leaders of this global society we the people also need to focus on those in business and government looking for our financial and political support by regularly contacting them in order to tell them things like:

I like many of your other constituents strongly oppose government subsidies for fossil fuels and the raising of livestock which artificially lowers market prices and encourages unsustainable consumption. Instead I strongly support taxes on fossil fuels and the production of unhealthy, inhumane, and environmentally destructive food which encourages people to consider healthier alternatives. The revenue raised could be used to support such alternatives or it could be given back on a per capita basis allowing those who consume the least of these and other health undermining things to financially benefit while allowing everyone to benefit in terms of a cleaner environment, a more stable climate, and peace of mind in that we are doing our best to ensure that we leave to future generations a planet as beautiful and as hospitable as the one we inherited from previous generations. Sincerely…

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If you’re interested in learning more about the doomsday clock: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists