Trump’s Presidential Transition Update

In a video updating the world on his presidential transition and explaining some of his policy plans for his first 100 days in office Trump said he will “Cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy”, i.e., he will cancel health and environmental protecting restrictions on the production of dirty, unsustainable, and climate change exacerbating energy.

If Trump continues down this road pushed along by the likes of climate change denier Myron Ebell he will not only hurt America’s chance to lead the world in renewable energy he will also hurt humanity’s chance to avoid the most devastating effects of climate change; and all in exchange for some coal industry profits and a few unhealthy and unsafe jobs for people to blow up mountain tops, crawl into coal mines, burn coal, and dispose of coal ash.

If you like this a video sign this petition from the organization that made it.

Keep fossil fuel industry funded climate change deniers like Myron Ebell away from the EPA

The petition can be found here and if you agree please sign, comment, and help it get noticed. Also please support this petition as well along with any similar ones you may find because it’s important that those of us who care about maintaining and furthering the progress made in addressing climate change over the past 8 years are as vocal as possible because the best shot we have at positively influencing the path the Trump administration takes on climate change, and other issues, over the next four years is NOW.

I stole the following article from the Steve Bannon run Breitbart News, which I just read is now the most widely-read conservative site in America, because I didn’t want to link to it and give them the benefit of a few extra clicks on their advertisement loaded website that keeps automatically reloading and is severely affecting my internet speed. I re-post this article not to make you cringe but to give you some background on the guy we’re trying to get fired and in hopes it will motivate you to support this petition.

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Gasoline Is Not Cheap

The fact that the average person in the U.S. is responsible for emitting more than twice as much greenhouse gas as the average person in the E.U. and Japan doesn’t seem to affect their vehicle purchasing or driving habits like you’d think/hope it would. Climate change, dying planet, future generations having to deal with the consequences… who cares. Gas is cheap so lets buy gas guzzlers and drive more! All people who drive, especially those who drive gas guzzlers, should make a serious effort to carpool.

American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers

Cheaper Gas Means More Americans Are On The Road

A Huge Step in the Right Direction

Although yesterdays historic agreement in Paris falls far short of what is needed to keep the global temperature from rising 2C above pre-industrial levels, let alone 1.5C which was at least mentioned in the final agreement, it does lay a solid foundation to do so; but only if we as citizens continue to press our governments to take increasingly ambitious action to mitigate climate change. This means making it clear to our representatives in government and any candidates who seek our vote that we expect action, not apathy, and certainly not denial when it comes to this increasingly critical issue.

Considering we’re already more than halfway there limiting temperature rise to 1.5C will take a considerable amount of effort and ingenuity but if most of us do our part anything is possible. We can all start by eating less meat and more plants, and by burning less fossil fuels and more plant derived calories by walking and biking. By taking these two health conducive actions and reducing the amount of resources we waste in our daily lives we can go a long way in reducing our carbon footprints and by setting an example and speaking out we can go a long way in helping others reduce theirs.

The U.S. and Climate Change

With the U.S. responsible for emitting more of the greenhouse gas currently in the atmosphere than any other two nations combined and the average U.S. citizen responsible for greenhouse gas emissions that are over three times the global average it is shameful that so many U.S. citizens chose to elect such a scientifically illiterate and ecologically irresponsible group of ill-informed and imprudent people to the U.S. Senate and Congress.

If your representatives recently voted against reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and you disapprove then please let them know that you support the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to curb climate change; and when considering who to vote for in future elections please take where the candidates stand on protecting the biosphere, preserving its biodiversity, and curbing climate change into serious consideration.

White House     U.S. Senate     U.S. House of Representatives
Please write to your representatives in government when their actions do not represent you.


United Nations Climate Change Conference

The two most important weeks of this year, the last, and perhaps even the next will be getting started in 6 days with the Global Climate Marches planned across the world for Saturday November 28th and Sunday November 29th just before the start of COP21 on the 30th.

If you have a march scheduled in your area please promote/attend and if you don’t then consider doing what I’m doing and start one. At times like this it is critical that we inform our fellow global citizens and show those who represent us in government where we stand.

For more information please visit


Turning Back the Doomsday Clock Starts With You.

What has to be said and who has to say it to get people not just to say they care when they’re around others but act like they care even when they aren’t? As individuals we need to do what we can NOW rather than waiting for our “leaders” to do something later because waiting for top down change to be initiated from those with the most vested interests and those funded by those with the most vested interests is a formula for failure.

Doing what you can to avoid fossil fuel powered trips along with reducing the damaged caused by unavoidable fossil fuel powered trips by taking public transportation or finding people to carpool with might not seem like much. Avoiding meat at your next meal in favor of a few of the healthy, humane, eco-friendly, and delicious plant based alternatives might not seem like much either, but it is, all of it, every individual action means a lot.

However we also need to realize that simply living responsibly isn’t enough because the challenges we face are far too pressing and there are currently far too few people living like they care about this planet to reach a positive tipping point anytime soon. Therefore as the true leaders of this global society we the people also need to focus on those in business and government looking for our financial and political support by regularly contacting them in order to tell them things like:

I like many of your other constituents strongly oppose government subsidies for fossil fuels and the raising of livestock which artificially lowers market prices and encourages unsustainable consumption. Instead I strongly support taxes on fossil fuels and the production of unhealthy, inhumane, and environmentally destructive food which encourages people to consider healthier alternatives. The revenue raised could be used to support such alternatives or it could be given back on a per capita basis allowing those who consume the least of these and other health undermining things to financially benefit while allowing everyone to benefit in terms of a cleaner environment, a more stable climate, and peace of mind in that we are doing our best to ensure that we leave to future generations a planet as beautiful and as hospitable as the one we inherited from previous generations. Sincerely…

White House     U.S. Senate     U.S. House of Representatives     U.S. Governors

If you’re interested in learning more about the doomsday clock: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Voice Your Opposition to the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline.

If you don’t want to see the US and the rest of the world go further down the dirty dead end road of extracting and burning fossil fuels, especially those refined from tar sands oil which is even more polluting and even harder to clean up than conventional oil, then voice your opposition to this pipeline. By opposing the construction of this pipeline we make it more likely that this sludge stays in the ground and show the world that the US and its citizens are serious about climate change and protecting the biosphere.

Your Senators Contact Information (call or email it only takes a minute and means a lot)

For more information about this pipeline check out the National Resource Defense Council’s website where you’ll find a concise 5 point article and a 3 minute video.

Pricing Carbon

Today I received an email from the White House regarding the 2015 State of the Union address asking me what I’d like to see accomplished during the Obama administration’s final 2 years in office. I encourage any US citizens reading this to visit the link for themselves, select an issue, and perhaps provide them with some suggestions. Here’s what I sent. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas, maybe you’ll resend it in support to make sure it gets read, or maybe you’ll improve upon it and send it as your own which you are more than welcome to do with anything on this site.

With elections out of the way, the economy on solid footing, and gas prices the lowest they’ve been in a long time I hope the Obama administration, as well as all other administrations and global citizens, will do much more over the next 2 years to address climate change, environmental degradation, and the daily loss of precious biodiversity starting with how he presents these interlinked issues in the 2015 State of the Union address. Addressing climate change, safeguarding the biosphere, and preserving biodiversity are challenges that must unite us as a nation and as a global community of nations.

In his speech I hope that the President helps people in the US and around the world better understand the current and potential consequences of a slight but rapid rise in the earth’s temperature and mentions that regardless of how much humans are responsible for the undeniable rise in global temperatures releasing more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, whether it be from consuming energy or eating meat, will only make matters worse and not just for future generations but for us and especially for our children and grandchildren. So lets start doing things that help ensure humanity stays safe and stop doing things which set it up to be sorry like denying climate change is even an issue and obstructing the legislation needed to combat it.

Speaking of legislation one suggestion I’d like to voice my support for is, as part of a broader carbon tax scheme, setting base prices for fossil fuels, e.g., a gallon of gas. This will allow us to take advantage low oil and natural gas prices to raise revenue to address the health and environmental issues related to the extraction, transportation, and burning of fossil fuels while helping incentivize consumers to conserve and companies to innovate. Where to set the price and what to do with the revenue needs to be debated, however regardless of whether it’s used to invest in clean energy, public transportation, or refunded evenly on a per capita basis the important thing is to disincentivize the burning of fossil fuels.

The power the US has by way of it’s positive example is far greater than any power wielded by it’s military might so I hope in this century, despite the poor start, the US will fully utilize this power for its own good and the good of the world. The US implementing a bold carbon tax scheme is what the world needs right now especially as other nations prepare their own environmental commitments ahead of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference whose outcome will in large part determine what kind of a planet we’ll be leaving to future generations so lets set a good example.

To Climate Change Skeptics

Even if climate change wasn’t the critical issue it is wouldn’t it still be nice to shift to clean and renewable forms of energy and not have to deal with all the negative health and environmental implications, e.g., oil spills, air pollution, premature death, et cetera, associated with extracting, transporting, and burning fossil fuels sooner rather than later?

Please be a cautious freethinker and not a reckless contrarian especially when so much is at stake. I thank you for your attention and applaud you for your ability to change positions on this extremely important issue or to at least take precautions which help make humanity safe as opposed to continuing to do things which set it up to be sorry.

Fuel Prices

Despite all the talk about “cheap” gas burning fossil fuels is as costly as ever. If anyone’s really looking to save money on gas they should consider car pooling, taking public transportation, riding a bike, or perhaps simply walking. Regardless please take the true costs of things into consideration before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Thanks for living like you care.