That Guy Was Crazy

Today as I was skateboarding the right way down a one-way road with no traffic I had a guy on a motorcycle drive up from behind in the lane next to me, look directly at me, and pretend to shoot me three times with his finger/hand. I have no idea what that was all about as I’m certain I’ve never met him or did anything in the last 24 hours I’ve been in Malaysia that could have possibly made him want to pretend to shoot me the way he did, which was not in a fun playful way. I got off my skateboard to put some distance between us and to think about what just happened and as I did there was a middle aged Singaporean couple walking towards me on the other side of the street that had seen what happened and were also surprised and the women said “That guy was crazy.”.

Getting Attacked For Helping People

I went to the shuttle bus stop to buy a ticket to the grocery store. I could’ve saved a dollar or two by getting into the back of an old truck with a bench running along each side of its cab, aka “local bus” but if I was going to be out on the road during this dangerous holiday I’d rather be in a big relatively safe bus. However I was told the 3pm bus wasn’t coming and since I didn’t want to wait for the next one I told the ticket lady no thanks and was going to head to the local bus stop. Continue reading

Broken Back

I went to the beach today and while I was there I saw a middle aged man carrying his wife’s limp body out of the water. She wasn’t dead but she had at some point in her life become paralyzed. I thought I’d mention this so you could also remember just how great it is to be able to move your legs because we sometimes forget and take things like the ability to walk for granted. So if your legs still work make the most of them and instead of burning fossil fuels every time you need to go somewhere consider burning some plant derived calories.

Visa Run Complete

I was able to pick up my visa yesterday and fortunately I had a t-shirt with me because they wouldn’t let me pick it up in a sleeveless shirt, seriously. For women it seemed to be alright but for men it’s a definite no go and as I waited in line I watched two other guys get stopped and denied as well. Fortunately one of them had a t-shirt with him and the other was with his girlfriend who was able to step up to the counter and stand in line for him. I guess at the Thailand consulate in Penang they’re intimidated by man arms so remember to have some sleeves on hand if you plan on getting a visa there.
Continue reading

Try Until You Die

I told a kid in a store how soda wasn’t good for his health and then as I stood behind him at the cashier I told his Mom that plastic bags weren’t good for the health of they environment as she put her soda into one. After they left the clerk said “You are very good.” to which I laughed thinking to myself it’s all useless or at least it often seems that way. However I thought about it for a second and told myself “Try until you die.” because that’s all you can do other than quit or die neither of which is an ideal option.

So keep trying and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to raise awareness and educate people even if it is the billionth time you’ve had to say virtually the same thing to someone who would probably rather you not said it. When it’s safe to do so please speak up when you see someone doing something which harms other people, e.g., children in their care or the environment because although we might not be able to perceive it in real time it does help pull humanity in the right direction.

Umbrellas are Awesome

I saw a tourist on the side of the road yesterday with a little hand towel over his head as his only protection from the extremely intense midday tropical sun. I see many tourists lathered up in chemical lotions or burnt red from overexposure however I rarely see one that isn’t a middle aged Chinese women that seemed to know that umbrellas are as useful on sunny days as they are on rainy days. When shopping for an umbrella I strongly recommend buying the best one you can because it costs our biosphere a lot less to make one good umbrella than it does to make three cheap ones. The same goes for most other daily use items so remember to buy better in order to use longer.

P.S. The best umbrella isn’t necessarily the most expensive one. I invested around 70 USD in a Blunt umbrella thinking/hoping such an expensive, sturdy, and seemingly well-built umbrella would last me a few years however it ended up lasting only a few weeks before the locking mechanism which kept the canopy open failed. To make a long story short I was able to get the original replaced and then replacements replaced a total of 4 times so I have experience using 5 Blunt umbrellas and 4 out of 5 of them were not worth half of what they’re sold for and I won’t be buying a second one. I only sent back one so I’ll see if I can get the 2 broken ones and 1 leaking one I currently have fixed and back into operation.

Minute by Year

Minute by year another birthday draws near while it still seems like the last one was just here. The older we get the faster time moves take a look back and this is easy to prove. Once a year seemed like a lifetime and now it seems more like a half-time. Life’s short live with this in mind and seek to make the most with your remaining time. Regardless of whether you’re in your hundreds, teens, or somewhere in between don’t settle for second best or give up on your dreams.

Good People

Good people come and good people go,
As for when and which will leave us first,
None of us can ever really know,
As the order doesn’t always depend on ones age or ones health,
Because the end comes in many ways and often in stealth,
So lets make the most of this precious time and endeavor to thrive,
Each of us embodying what it means to be alive,
May each of us continue to love, learn, and grow,
And may we continue to do so until it is our own time to go.