Alcohol, Strangers, and Rape

Last night there was a tourist at a bar and she was alone but met some new friends, a couple from California, who this afternoon told me the following story on a little boat returning from the beach it took place. Yesterday evening after a few drinks this young lady left the bar and was later spotted by her new friends walking with a guy. Not too long after in a secluded place not too far from the bar the guy tried to molest her and while fleeing from him she stumbled and fell off a cliff.

Eventually she was discovered and a call was put out to the local climbing guides in hopes of finding someone who could climb down and rescue her. I was told that she was hoisted up early this morning and was transported to a hospital in Phuket where she was alive but couldn’t feel her legs. I shared this secondhand story with you to remind you female travelers that: Alcohol + Being alone with a guy you just met = increased probability of something bad happening. You should already know this however I thought it was worth reminding you.

In any case of rape the one who is 100% responsible is the rapist however that doesn’t mean women, especially young women traveling alone abroad, shouldn’t be reminded not to put themselves into potentially dangerous situations. As for dissuading people not to molest or rape: Don’t molest or rape you sicko’s. Rape is perhaps the most despicable of crimes because it can NEVER be justified and I’m all for much more severe punishments for rapists provided there is absolutely no doubt as to exactly what occurred.

P.S. Thai Man Will Serve Up to 5 Years for Attacking U.S. Tourist