One Tip for Better Blood Sugar Control: Stop Drinking Alcohol.

I’ve never had alcohol so I can’t share any personal experience but I can recommend a link: New Scientist: Our liver vacation: Is a dry January really worth it?

How an adult could have never consumed alcohol” You might be thinking if it’s true they must have grown up in some cult or on some alcohol-free compound. Well I can assure you that it is true and that I didn’t grow up in a cult or on a compound. Rather by observing others who drank alcohol I noticed they became dumb, clumsy, and often puked. Therefore as a person who has always wanted to be smart, agile, and doesn’t like puking I simply avoided alcohol all my life and intend to continue doing so. I’m all for people being free to do what they want to themselves provided they don’t burden society and/or the environment with the consequences however I still hope you take good care of yourself because you’ve only got one body and one life so it’s best to make the most of them.