Conservation and Innovation

Humanities number one problem is a rapidly deteriorating biosphere and this needs to be adequately addressed from both sides of the solution: conservation and innovation. There are many people working on the innovation side of things which is understandable because the cutting edge of science and technology is an exciting place to be and great monetary rewards await those who can best innovate.

However while there are people working to promote conservation there aren’t enough. Perhaps because it isn’t very fun or exciting to teach people common sense, e.g., not to waste things, nor are there any great monetary rewards for doing so. In fact you’re more likely to get a dirty look or be told to mind your own business but don’t let that deter you from speaking up in the name of our planet and future generations when needed.

We must not bet the biospheres future on technological advancements which may never come and as advances in science and technology do come we must remember that neither can save us from ignorance and apathy as billions go about their daily bad habits thinking that some authority will intervene before things get really bad. Things are already really bad however they can be made much better if we all do our part.