Marriage and Children

Perpetuating such emphasis on getting married and having a baby as if it’s the apex of becoming an adult is extremely backwards. Anyone with the notion of it being selfish not to have children should ask themselves in which day and age their personal reality is constructed upon and whether if in the current day and age having kids brings our species back from the brink of extinction or moves us closer towards it.

Instead of young adults constantly being asked if they’re married or have children I think we’d be moving in the right direction as a species if we started asking adults of all ages things like: “What are you doing or not doing to make the world a better place?”. Instead of seeking to bind someone to a contract or leave behind genes no better than the ones already in circulation, especially when there are already so many orphaned and abused children in the world in desperate need of homes and funding, I seek to leave behind knowledge and a world in better shape than it was yesterday and I hope you do too.