Three disturbing things I recently heard:

The first was in a podcast regarding offshore drilling near a mans home. He said it didn’t bother him and “I don’t think the government is in control of the environment, I think god is.”. In other words why bother regulating things that will have negative environmental impacts when in the end it’s the big man up in heaven that decides the fate of this planet.

The second was when the Pope said it was a selfish choice not to have children. In other words, eat, drink, be merry, and the more the merrier so no need to worry about contraception and seriously considering whether or not to breed because in the end it’s the big man up in heaven that decides the population size and what this population does to the planet.

The third was in an old Vietnam War documentary where a mother speaking in front of a portrait of her deceased twenty-something son said “It was gods will, I feel that it was his time to go and that god had sent for him to go.”. In other words don’t worry about politics and whether or not ill-informed and/or ill-intentioned politicians are leading a country to war because it’s up to the big man in heaven to decide whether people die or a country goes to war.

The third one reminds me of a fourth one from a while back. This one was also from an interview of your average person regarding politics and political power. If the first three didn’t give you a queasy weak in the knees we as a species are screwed feeling then I’m sure this one will… “God decides who gets power so it isn’t up to us to worry. We should just pray for them.”.

I’m not going to comment in detail on these statements as I’ve already addressed the issues of freethought and superstition in my eBook which is ad-free and free of charge.