Israel, Iran, and U.S. Foreign Policy

In light of recent events now is as good of a time as any for the U.S. to re-evaluate its relationship with Israel and put an end to policies which often leaves the U.S. as a lone voice in the U.N. defending the misdeeds of Israel and policies that provide it, a country with a per capita GDP on par with that of Spain, with around 3 billion dollars annually in foreign aid.

Unfortunately most members of the U.S. Senate and Congress are still irrationally biased towards Israel and it’s particularly worrying to see much of the Senate at the behest of Israel trying to undermine negotiations with Iran over its suspected nuclear weapons program because these negotiations are the worlds best chance at preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and preventing another war in the Middle East.

The deep concern of Israel and its Prime Minister over nuclear weapons in the region is entirely justified because after you take land from a people to establish a homeland for people of your particular religion based upon biblical claims and make the previous inhabitants and their decedents stateless occupants of ghettos you control with your U.S. funded military you can bet there will be a lot of people in the region that don’t like you or your U.S. enablers.

However rather than trying to provoke a war between the U.S. and Iran why doesn’t Israel as the regions military superpower and sole nuclear power propose a nuclear weapons free zone in the region. Once an agreement that includes adequate systems of verification along with defense assurances by some or all of the remaining nuclear powers has been made then why doesn’t Israel get rid of its nuclear weapons?

The U.S. and Russia could provide some encouragement by immediately reducing their nuclear arsenals by 90% while taking those that remain off of hair trigger alert. Thank you for considering my views and being a prominent voice in the government for the fair treatment of Israel. That is to say treating it no better or worse than nations without a biblical significance to those that still subscribe to those sorts of things.

That’s what I just sent to my representatives in the White House, Senate, and Congress. What are you going so send to yours in order to encourage them to support the current nuclear negotiations with Iran and a re-evaluation of U.S. policy towards Israel? Or will you wait until the aircraft carriers are all lined up in the Gulf awaiting the orders of a President who after a prayer decides now is a good time to start another war?

Peace isn’t a given it must be promoted and maintained. One way to promote and maintain it is by keeping informed and speaking up to those who have been voted into office and entrusted with making decisions on critical issues such as whether or not to start another war and whether or not to implement a much needed and long overdue carbon tax.

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