Big Cats and Sports Cars

The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram (A video from VICE.)

I watched this while eating breakfast this morning is that it’s correct to blame and necessary to punish the people who poach wild and often endangered animals with little concern of the effects this has on ecosystems, wild populations, and the poor animals themselves. Furthermore most would agree that even more blame and more severe punishments should be dealt to those who are willing to pay for these animals, or animal products, and thus create a demand for them which entices some extremely desperate and/or greedy people to sink so low as to supply it. However far too few people take the next step and follow this trail of immorality to its source and realize the people who are perhaps the most to blame for the plight of these animals and the waste of societies financial resources as seen in this video is very likely to be themselves.

It’s understandable that some people desire a nice house and a nice car however the desire for personal palaces and private car collections isn’t so much a result of a desire of material goods which came at great environmental costs, but rather it’s the result of a desire to achieve the attention and admiration the possession of such goods unfortunately still gains people in our sick society. So not only should the people in this video be frowned upon for how they use their wealth as well as punished for what they do to these animals, a big fat finger should also be pointed at all those Instagram followers and even the reporter herself for fawning over one of his many luxury sports cars or his baby white tiger because that’s exactly why rich and immoral people like this do what they do.

If we as a society see someone driving around in a decadent car, perhaps with their pet Cheetah, we should not say: OMG! So cool! We should say: Wow what a waste of money, they could’ve bought a really nice electric car and still had a few hundred thousand dollars to perhaps invest in renewable energy, versatile non-toxic compostable materials, or maybe desalination and water filtration systems not to mention helping some poor children gain access to clean water, basic nutrition, and an education. If it became not only “not cool” but actually shameful to behave in these immoral and decadent ways our world would become a better place over night. So if you’re one of the well over 300,000 people following people like this on Instagram and other social media sites then please reconsider.

Once people stop encouraging people like this they’ll realize they need to behave in other ways if they want the attention and admiration of society. In essence only when the average person stops aspiring to these types of immoral and decadent lifestyles will those who do have the financial resources to live them stop doing so and start living more responsible lives and find better ways to spend their time and money.