Super Tuesday

Why Bernie? Because of the candidates left standing I feel that Bernie has the best chance of beating Trump and many polls agree with me. As for Biden he really seems like he’s in cognitive decline and not up for such a critical job moreover in addition to lacking the mental acumen needed to win the election and perform the job itself he doesn’t have the grassroots energy and movement behind him needed to defeat Trump.

Bernie had this grassroots energy and movement in 2016 and after four more years as an independent in the Senate where he continued to fight for what is right he has it again in 2020. Hopefully the mainstream media and democratic party establishment won’t get their way again like they did in 2016 and run a weaker candidate against Trump because if Biden does get the nomination I really fear that once on the debate stage Trump will make Joe Biden look old and weak like he did with Jeb Bush in 2016 and end up getting reelected.

I’m not willing to bet the farm on Bernie beating Trump but I do think he has a better chance than Biden or Bloomberg. Regardless of who comes out on top today and in the following primaries I hope everyone supports the nominee in any way they can and is sure to vote in November because life as we know it on planet earth might not be able to handle another 4 years of Trump. The climate crisis is now a climate emergency and the U.S. needs a president who is scientifically literate and can understand that the time for climate action is now.

P.S. The second and third video helps show why a wealth tax is needed to help provide health care and educational opportunities for those who are struggling to get by along with any kids they may have that are struggling to get by with them. Bernie’s wealth tax would start at 1% a year and only apply to the top 0.1% which means on those with a net worth of 32 million or more. I hate to break it to you but you ain’t in the top 0.1% and neither are your old parents who the media is trying to scare into opposing Bernie so don’t think he is going after all of your hard earned money. Please read more here. Tax on Extreme Wealth