Stop the Bombing – Free the Hostages

What happened to those poor people in Israel on Saturday October 7th was horrific and it’s hard to believe such large-scale and indiscriminate violence specifically targeted at innocent civilians is even possible. To make things worse rather than seeking to reduce tensions and prevent future terrorist attacks Israel is responding exactly how Hamas wanted them to and as a result it has already lost much of the sympathy and support it had gained from that tragic and unprecedented terrorist attack.

Rather than relentlessly dropping bombs on such a densely populated area and preparing for a ground invasion and possible occupation Israel should have focused on replacing its own incompetent leadership and on fixing its massive security flaws by doing things like expanding the buffer zone around Gaza to the point it would be impossible to cross without ample time to detect, respond, and repel any future attacks. All aerial bombing should be reserved for clear and legitimate targets like rocket launch sites.

As for the monsters who orchestrated and perpetrated the October 7th attack/massacre if they aren’t killed on the spot and can be taken alive they should be sentenced to a life of hard labor or serve as test subjects for new drugs and vaccines. Regardless of the punishment I hope they all eventually meet up with Israeli Special Forces in precisely targeted operations because this is preferable to the current approach of mass bombing which is without a doubt creating more terrorists than it’s destroying and sowing the seeds for future violence.

P.S. Here is what I sent to the President and my state’s Senators. I also tried sending it twice to my representative in Congress but his website is garbage.

The U.S. needs to stop funding Israel and become a neutral broker of peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. It can start by advocating for an immediate cease-fire and the release of all hostages. The vast majority of people suffering in Gaza are not responsible for the atrocities committed on October 7th and therefore should not be collectively punished for them.