Hey Terrorists and Their Sympathizers, Please Stop It.

God will take care of me and all the other infidels so there’s no reason for you to shoot up night clubs, drive into crowds of innocent people, or commit any other atrocious acts. By even thinking about committing such evil acts in the name of God you’re basically saying that God is incapable of determining and carrying out his own will so he needs you to do it for him. That type of thinking is not only arrogant it is also insulting to the God you claim to serve. It’s almost as if you don’t really believe there is a God and are simply using the whole God is on my side idea to justify your sick and twisted view of reality.

Instead of hating those who don’t follow your primitive rules and rituals just view us in amusement and laugh at us knowing that we’re really going to get it from God in the manner and at the time of his choosing, not yours. In conclusion, God doesn’t need you to make decisions and take actions for him so please stop it. Moreover if you know someone who may be thinking and/or planning something bad then please confront them and report them to the authorities. We must all be vigilant against the violent and mentally unstable among us regardless of which dogma they use to justify their ideology and actions.

The Human Toll of Terror

P.S. I hate to break it to you but your god doesn’t exist and we have no reason to believe that any other gods exist. At least not any that are aware of, concerned with, and actively influence the affairs on planet Earth so it’s time to stop praying (especially by singing/howling through loud speakers at 5am or any other time) and to start thinking for yourself and acting for a better world.