Dear Working Class Republicans and All Other U.S. Voters,

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 15th, is an extremely important voting day. I’ve already explained why I feel Bernie Sanders is a far better presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton, now I’d like to make the case why working class Republican voters, particularly those who may be leaning towards Trump, should seriously consider supporting Sanders. I think that if most Trump supporters, the ones who aren’t racist and weak minded xenophobic nationalists looking for an authoritarian tough guy to lead them, got to know Bernie they’d drop Trump in a second. The Donald may think “his people” are so loyal that he could go out and “shoot someone” and not lose any votes but I think the reason why he has so many “loyal” supporters is because they’ve looked at this year’s Republican Party offerings and over the years have looked at many other Republican and Democratic politicians, and feel there’s no one that represents them and is willing to stand up and fight for their interests because most of these Republicrat politicians are too busy representing the interests of Wall Street and their other big money backers.

Like me most Trump supporters are sick and tired of both the Democratic and Republican parties though I certainly wouldn’t equate them as equally unappealing considering the Republican Party is currently a fossil fuel industry funded climate change denying joke, a sad and scary joke. I mean Trump aside just look at the number two and three guys. Although I’m sure a lot of working class Republican voters believe in a god I bet a lot of them are creeped out by the religiosity of candidates like Cruz and Rubio. To these people I say Independent Bernie Sanders shares your frustration with this corporate duopoly and remind you that he is simply “borrowing” the Democratic Party infrastructure to run for president since it’s so difficult for independents to do so because of the way our corrupt and undemocratic electoral system works. Moreover third party and independent candidates who can get on the ballot and amass the massive amounts of money needed to run a serious campaign risk becoming “spoilers” which divide the majority and cede elections to a united minority. This is another reason why the U.S. is in desperate need of comprehensive electoral reform.

Regardless of who you’re leaning towards before you vote whether it’s tomorrow or in the coming weeks I hope you’ll check out along with the official Bernie 2016 site and his YouTube channel. I recommend you get started on the Bernie Sanders on Political & Electoral Reform page because there’s a lot of good information particularly relevant to Trump supporters and anyone else who is fed up with influence peddling in Washington. As for racist and/or xenophobic Trump supporters I doubt I can persuade them to seriously consider supporting Bernie because of all the candidates Trump is definitely their man as he is the only candidate that will put up with such hate among his supporters and stay quiet and ambiguous on such issues for as long as he can and by doing so he’s allowing a very dangerous fire to grow, an us/them fire which has been the cause of many of humanities most tragic events. However for any non-racist and non-xenophobic Trump supporters who just want an authoritarian tough guy to lead the country, although Bernie is definitely not an authoritarian, he is pretty tough.