Cliff Jumping

So you want to try jumping off a cliff or some other high place into water? I don’t recommend it unless you’ve confirmed the water depth while taking into account how it can vary with the tides, thoroughly checked for any underwater obstacles such as rocks, have a person nearby that is willing and able to assist you if necessary, and only if the jump height is less than 8 meters (26 feet) because anything higher than that is quite dangerous. In fact an uncontrolled fall from even that modest height could leave you unconscious and seriously injured. Many people who haven’t cliff jumped, including myself until fairly recently, do not understand the force at which you impact the water and how important it is to be in the proper vertical, arms in, legs together, toes pointed, eyes squeezed shut position for entry. Obviously a belly or back smacker is to be avoided but even a butt first landing could be devastating provided it’s from a good height.