Clean and Clear

Why would you cause yourself such harm? I mean the bad breath and cough alone should set of an alarm, moreover black lungs and nicotine fits aren’t all you’re looking to get. Heart disease and lung cancer kill from the inside and smoking is one of the closest things there is to slow motion suicide.

Dying’s not fun and death is no joke so take this into consideration before you buy your next pack or take your next toke. Know that each drag moves you one step closer to a body bag. One step closer to becoming the next fool tobacco industry tool that goes from nicotine slave to corpse in an early grave.

I prefer to maintain a clean body and a clear mind because it’s in this state that I find my brain waves move at the speed of light enabling new ideas to continually take flight and all this freethought helps me see beyond the barriers and over the obstacles that stand between our world and where it ought to be.

I never took a sip, never took a smoke, never took a hit, never took a toke because that poison just isn’t for me, clean, clear, and fully conscious is how I strive to be. So the drugs and junk food are out and the fresh fruits and vegetables are in. The TV is off and my mind is on and as a result I get smarter by the day while I figure life out and find my own way.