2016 Circus

I watched the Fox Business GOP debate… pretty pathetic and I say that as a freethinking independent voter whose views straddle the political divide. To sum it up in a few words besides all the Obama bashing and making the U.S. out to be as if it was in as precarious of a position it was in when Obama first took office the Republican candidates are still acting like they’re running against Hillary Clinton. However I think a few of them are starting to realize that they may have wasted a lot of their hate on a candidate that isn’t going to make it past the primaries.

I’m increasingly confident that to the disappointment of the Republican party who I suspect fears having to run against a candidate who has proven he can win conservative votes, the Democratic party who I suspect dislikes seeing a long-term Independent come into their party and take it’s nomination from now-it’s-her-turn Hillary, and the big money donors of both parties who’d like to keep the current oligarchic campaign finance system in place Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination and go on to defeat whichever dangerously nationalist, superstitious, and corporation courting Republican candidate wins that party’s nomination.

Despite the overwhelming lead of Donald Trump, yes that is who over a third of Republican voters have chosen to support as their candidate for President of the United States in a race with a dozen candidates… makes you wonder just how bad the other candidates are. However it’s still fairly early and the Republican nominee could end up being the slightly more plausible Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio as both their poll numbers are on the rise. Check out their latest campaign ads and ask yourself if these are the kind of campaign ads we should be seeing in ’16, not 1816 or 1916 but 2016? If you don’t think so please get involved and help support a far better candidate… Bernie 2016!