U.S. Politics and Islamic Terrorism

The Middle East is on fire and the first thing we need to do to extinguish this fire is to stop fueling it and providing it power vacuums to grow in, e.g., Iraq, Libya, Syria, because no matter how well planned and carefully executed a U.S. supported multilateral military campaign led by Muslim nations in the region against ISIS is it will not succeed if terrorists are being created faster than they’re being destroyed and/or persuaded to renounce violence.

Advocating to discriminate against people who identify as Muslim whether it be by temporarily banning them from entering the U.S. or by creating a database of those who are already in the U.S. and targeting them for surveillance is not only morally wrong it’s strategically stupid because humanity needs the help of these people to put an end to the kind of indiscriminate violence we saw in Brussels yesterday and bunching them all into one big group and discriminating against them on the basis of which religion they were indoctrinated into as a child regardless of how they decide to interpret and practice that religion as adults isn’t the way to get it.