Trans-Pacific Partnership

Here’s why I’m standing up for better trade:

Because I do not want to see trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership passed with investor-state dispute settlement provisions which allow foreign corporations to sue signatory nations in international tribunals over the current and future health and environmental protection laws and regulations of these nations if they are deemed harmful to business. In other words I do not support trade agreements which put the financial interests of corporations before the health interests of people and the planet.

Moreover I do not want to see any trade agreements passed which haven’t been made fully transparent to not only the small group comprised mainly of multinational corporations who are participating in the drafting of this important agreement, but also to the public at large. Therefore I have voiced my opinion to my representative in Congress to deny the President his request for the authority to fast-track this agreement as it must be thoroughly discussed and debated in Congress before being put to a vote. This is why I’m standing up for better trade.

Tell the White House why you’re standing up for better trade.

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