Free-roaming Cats are a Big Problem

Stray cats and any house cats that are allowed outdoors unsupervised are a big problem. They kill billions of birds and small animals every year and have already contributed to the extinction of several species. Whether due to their predation or the diseases they carry the effect they have on native species and ecosystems is incredibly harmful.

If you have a cat the least you can do is have it spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Also be sure to keep an eye on your cat while it’s outside so you can prevent it from pouncing on any innocent native, and perhaps even endemic, birds or other environmentally beneficial animals like this poor Zebra Dove that was killed by a cat which was already over-fed but was just looking for something to play with/torture and kill.

Smoke Spewers

As one should I often call people out when they ride or drive past me in smoke spewing vehicles. If I’m able to speak with them I give them a brief and cordial lecture. Even if I’m unable to have a word with them if I can at least get their attention I will often point at the smoke coming from their vehicle and follow them with my extended arm with a look of disappointment/disapproval on my face as they go by. I think most people are intelligent enough to get it including onlookers most of whom I imagine after having been smoked many times themselves are happy that someone is in some small way is taking a stand.

Obviously the operators of these smoke spewing vehicles aren’t out to pollute the air on purpose it’s just that they lack the will, and sometimes the funds, to have their vehicles fixed. I see neither a valid excuse but can understand a poor persons predicament especially if they need their vehicle for work. However one thing I have never heard of, until today, is someone actually spending time and money to turn an emissions compliant vehicle into a smoke spewer. Where might you find such inconsiderate and irresponsible idiots? I wonder who these fine human specimens are going to vote for in November?

‘Rolling Coal’ in Diesel Trucks, to Rebel and Provoke

Donald Trump just lied again about opposing the Iraq War before it started. Here’s proof.

Ecological Footprint

I know what I’m doing to reduce my ecological footprint, how about you? What are you doing? Is that the best you can reasonably/comfortably do? I say reasonably/comfortably because I don’t think people should have to live in caves on diets of locally harvested edible weeds however according to my observations and this graph the average person, particularly the average U.S. and Canadian citizen, has major room for improvement. Climate Change Continues


Earth Day Every Day

Today representatives from over 160 countries are meeting in New York to sign the Paris Climate Agreement reached last December. With all the talk about country/government commitments we must remember that curbing climate change isn’t just about what countries/governments pledge to do it’s also what each of us as individuals pledge/try to do. Future technological solutions to societies environmental problems are welcomed but in the meantime lets use some common sense and not be so wasteful or consume without considering the consequences. Thanks for living like you care and helping inspire others to do the same.

Palm Oil

I don’t eat palm oil, or any oil for that matter, nor do I use products made with palm oil. However you probably do so please consider contacting the companies that use palm oil to make the processed foods and other products you consume and insist they use only Certified Sustainable Palm Oil in their products.

We can’t all be personally responsible for every problem in the world but we are definitely responsible for the problems that we create via our purchases. The good thing is many of the things we enjoy can be provided to us in more ethical and sustainable ways provided we make our support for such better practices known to the companies that seek our business.

WWF Palm Oil


I stopped using straws years ago and this is one of the reasons why. Do you still use straws? Maybe you should stop using them too or start using your own reusable one.

strawsI don’t know how long we’ll live but I do know the straws we’ve used thus far in our lives will be around long after we’ve died and decomposed. To me at least it’s disturbing to know that the environmentally harmful waste I’ve unnecessarily created as a result of my own ignorance will outlast me. I don’t know where all our old straws will eventually end up however I imagine some will end up in leaky landfills, others buried in the soil future generations will use to grow their food, and some of them in the bellies of birds, fish, and other poor creatures.

bird plastic (photo by unknown)

Let this post and these images be a reminder to bring your own reusable food boxes, water bottles, and shopping bags and to say NO to unnecessary and environmentally harmful disposable items because in today’s overpopulated and over-consuming world it’s critical that we all work to reduce the negative social and environmental impacts of our consumption.

Bring Your Own

For the love of all that is good on planet earth could everybody please stop using plastic shopping bags and do their best to bring their own water bottles, food containers, and dining utensils. Please consider sending an email like the one below to your local retailers and encourage them to do what they should already be doing… charging for plastic shopping bags.

Dear Company X,

As a longtime and frequent customer I strongly suggest you start charging for plastic shopping bags and:

1.) Place signs regarding your effort to reduce plastic shopping bags at each register which encourage customers to support your stores noble efforts to reduce its overall environmental footprint.

2.) Sell reusable shopping bags at each register, you can prominently display them next to those nice signs. Provide customers with an option: pay for every single plastic shopping bag you take for the rest of your life or buy one that can be used many times.

3.) Make sure the single use shopping bags you do sell are non-toxic and biodegradable. You can also use your clout as a retailer to pressure your suppliers to send you things packed in non-toxic and biodegradable packaging. Better alternatives to plastic bags and plastic food trays do exist so please start using them.

As for the few ignorant and/or selfish people who will complain about you charging them for plastic shopping bags, if you talk with your competitors about how you can work together to reduce your environmental footprints starting with working to eliminate the use of plastic shopping bags these ignorant and/or selfish people will have no where else to go so don’t cave under the pressure of a few bad apples because we the vast and rapidly growing majority have your back.

Thank you for doing what’s right regarding this and with other social and environmental issues,
Your Name

Did I…

Use more energy efficient forms of transportation?
Strive to eat a locally and organically grown plant based diet?
Waste anything such as a bottle or a bag when I could’ve brought my own?
Forget to turn anything off or unplug things that use power even when they’re off?
Spend my 1000 minutes today as well as I could have?