Sunbathing in the Tropics?

Why do people repeatedly lather themselves up in toxic sunscreen that’s going to be absorbed through their skin and into their body to protect them from the intense tropical sun only to lay directly under the sun until their skin turns a brownish red and is damaged to the point it begins to age prematurely only to go out and buy toxic “anti-aging” skin creams?

I can see a person not putting any sunscreen on and laying naked or half naked in the sun if they lived in a place where the sun was weak and it was difficult to get enough however tourists from such areas please note that in the tropics you don’t have to try to get all the sun your body could possibly need especially if you don’t cover your skin with toxic sunscreen.

I try to stay out of the sun and carry an umbrella with me when I can’t because I’m not adapted to the tropical sun like the locals and don’t want my skin to age prematurely. However even with such caution and even though I consume virtually no Vitamin D in my diet when I checked my 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D level in 2015 it was at 88.88ng/ml which means I probably get too much sun.

When visiting the tropics be careful to limit your sun exposure. I don’t recommend sunscreen but I do recommend an umbrella and some long sleeves and a wide brimmed hat when you’re unable to carry an umbrella along with some common sense, e.g., try not to be exposed to the sun when it’s at full tropical fry you power and arrange your outdoor activities for morning and late afternoon so you don’t get burned.