Smoke Spewers

As one should I often call people out when they ride or drive past me in smoke spewing vehicles. If I’m able to speak with them I give them a brief and cordial lecture. Even if I’m unable to have a word with them if I can at least get their attention I will often point at the smoke coming from their vehicle and follow them with my extended arm with a look of disappointment/disapproval on my face as they go by. I think most people are intelligent enough to get it including onlookers most of whom I imagine after having been smoked many times themselves are happy that someone is in some small way is taking a stand.

Obviously the operators of these smoke spewing vehicles aren’t out to pollute the air on purpose it’s just that they lack the will, and sometimes the funds, to have their vehicles fixed. I see neither a valid excuse but can understand a poor persons predicament especially if they need their vehicle for work. However one thing I have never heard of, until today, is someone actually spending time and money to turn an emissions compliant vehicle into a smoke spewer. Where might you find such inconsiderate and irresponsible idiots? I wonder who these fine human specimens are going to vote for in November?

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