Today I took I took two 12 year-old kids with me to get vegetables at an organic vegetable shop and there were these sticks of honey at the register, basically little plastic straws filled with pure honey. I don’t like straws but I thought it’d be a nice treat for the kids in lieu of the ice cream I wouldn’t get them. However the lady that worked there that I see every week said there was no need to buy the individually packed ones and that I could take the rest of the honey remaining in a small glass jar she had which was provided to the shop as a sample by the company branding and selling honey.

The two kids tried it before I even started the car but the Chinese kid said it tasted sour, I smelled it and confidently said that it seemed fine to me and thought she thought it was sour because she ate it with some fresh soy yogurt which is supposed to be sour. I also asked the other kid who thought it was fine. Moreover I did a search on my phone and it seems that pure honey generally lasts a really long time before going bad. However while examining the jar we noticed that the expiration date was in JULY… as you know it is now October. The problem is that it’s now October 2018 and the JULY I’m referring to was in 2017.

The Indian kid in the back didn’t understand what we were talking about in Mandarin but me and the Chinese kid in front were laughing so hard we almost puked, me papaya and her JULY 2017 Rosemary honey from a half-used sample jar. We quickly informed the Indian kid sitting in back not to eat the honey and then went back into the shop to tell the nice lady working there that she gave us honey that had a JULY 2017 expiration date. I then bought two of the airtight sealed honey sticks I originally planned on getting. Moral of the story, always check expiration dates on any packaged food you consume and don’t trust anyone to have done it for you.

P.S. That little girl I talked about last month is still with her mentally ill mother but is being supervised by her uncle and is going to school regularly so that seems to have worked out.