Failed Superpower

I’m not referring to how the U.S. has conducted itself as the sole superpower since the breakup of the Soviet Union, but about how we as a species have conducted ourselves since the advent of human civilization when we became the sole superpower species. When viewed objectively it would be hard to show, thus far, that we have been anything other than an utter failure. You may be thinking that’s ridiculous and cite how we’ve spread to all 5 continents and greatly increased our lifespans.

That’s all true however when you remove the anthropocentric blinders and look at the big picture, at the biosphere which humans are just one part of, you’ll realize that although we’ve been quite successful at improving the lives of most of humanity we’ve been a disaster for nearly every other species and ecosystem on this planet. The good thing is it doesn’t have to be this way because not only do we have the potential to live comfortable lives that are in balance with nature we also have the potential to use our knowledge and technology to actively assist in the regeneration of what we’ve already tainted and destroyed.