Disgust and Hope

It’s too bad thousands of dead Palestinian kids do not get the same attention and generate the same public outrage as 7 aid workers working under a celebrity chef do otherwise the U.S. probably would have taken a firmer approach to Israel months ago. This long overdue approach of conditioning U.S. support on concrete and immediate actions to alleviate suffering and avoid civilian casualties is most welcomed but it is still too little too late as this should have been a starting point, a precondition to any foreign aid or weapons transfers, and not where we arrive after the deaths of over 10,000 kids and at least another 10,000 innocent adults.

U.S. tax payers should not be buying the bombs used to indiscriminately drop on innocent people even if there are a couple of terrorists hiding amongst them. Fighting a war like this where you are killing far more women and children than you are terrorists or even military aged men is only bound to create more terrorists than it destroys and make a solution to this decades old conflict even more allusive. It’s an absolute shame that the U.S. and Israel didn’t understand this before the post October 7th retaliation even started when much of the world was on its side and instead dealt with Hamas and justifiable Palestinian discontent in a much more effective way.