Dean Phillips 2024

I sent in my vote for the Michigan Presidential Primary on February 27th 2024 and was just notified that it had been received. I strongly encourage you to vote in your State’s primary elections and not simply allow your November 5th options to be chosen for you. The U.S. needs to move on from Biden and Trump and the only other choices we have on the Democratic and Republican sides are Phillips and Haley and that’s an easy choice for me as an independent voter who seriously considers every viable candidate.

I hope others will step up and say NO! to a repeat of Biden vs Trump because I fear the Trump cult and a weak Republican Party who doesn’t dare to criticize their orange demigod will ensure that he is the Republican nominee and as was the case with Hillary in 2016 the Democratic Party will do all it can to prevent primary challengers in order to take a chance, a chance that is looking worse by the day, with the candidate most entrenched and loyal to the party rather than the one that actually stands the best chance of defeating the dangerous and delusional Donald.

Trump must not be reelected therefore we must choose the candidate most capable of beating him in November and at this time that candidate is Dean Phillips. I thank him for having the foresight to see what will happen in a Biden vs Trump rematch and the courage to go against the Democratic Party establishment and their undemocratic system of coronations of party elders and loyalists in order to ensure the U.S. doesn’t have to endure another Trump presidency. The U.S. needs a sane, moral, and pragmatic president that puts country before party and personal interests and that is why I support Dean Phillips for President.