Crappy People

There’s a narrow side street that passes by my current residence which connects two larger streets and if I drew a map it’d look like a capital “H”. Usually you only get the occasional motor scooter driving through since one end has a curb however a couple days ago there were two guys that parked their truck at the end of it to do some work. When I came back they were gone and here’s what I found in the once relatively clean street.

crappy people
I’m posting this because I didn’t have a chance to lecture these crappy people and wanted to remind others to not behave like them as so many people do. Don’t base your actions on whether or not someone is watching or whether or not you think you can get away with something and instead take the people and environment around you into consideration and base your actions on what you consider to be proper behavior.

I know most of you will consider this improper behavior, particularly for two adults, despite many of you often leaving behind your own messes for others to look at and clean up and even for those of you who don’t please keep in mind the mess you create with all the things you buy, much of it unnecessarily, and then send off to the landfill or perhaps the ocean or wherever else the water may be flowing or the wind may be blowing.

In conclusion please don’t make a mess and if you do please make a reasonable effort to clean it up. Moreover please choose what you buy wisely and strive to reduce and reuse. In most cases recycling something is much better than throwing it away but it’s only one step better. It’s two steps to better to reuse and it’s three steps better to not buy or accept things that are often erroneously considered “free” like plastic shopping bags.

Thanks for living like you care.