Church Roof Collapse

Yesterday in New Jersey the roof of a church collapsed onto a group of Sunday churchgoers. One person was seriously injured and about a dozen had minor injuries. According to the NPR News Podcast I was listening to on my way to buy vegetables the Mayor said something like “God was watching over them because it could have been much worse.”.

As any freethinking person would I thought if god was looking over them then why did he let a roof fall on their heads. After doing a search I discovered there have been a lot of church roofs falling on a lot of peoples heads. I’m not implying that there’s any connection, I’m just saying people in an old church worshiping god are no less likely to have a roof fall on their heads then are people in another old building worshiping the devil.

However could you imagine if the roof of one of those atheist churches collapsed and injured people. What do you think a frighteningly large portion of the U.S. population, and world population, would be saying then? Perhaps something like “That’s what happens when you try taking god out of the church.”. I bet an incident like that would help many reaffirm their faith as so many unrelated but desperately rationalized events and occurrences do.