Better World

Let’s step back and take a look at where we’re at beyond nations, politics, and all of that. We’ll see a world overpopulated and heavily polluted, infatuated with consumption and morally diluted with many if not most lacking concern or a desire to learn as oceans rise and rainforests burn.

A population immersed in marketing designed to exploit instincts and capitalize on greed, many now consume what advertisers tell them to rather than what they need. Too many people look to the TV to construct their reality where mindless programming only serves to make them hollow, turning off their minds and setting them up for the ads that follow. Sports stars and celebrities who sell out at the drop of a dime, advertising junk food and soft drinks to children in their spare time. Anything for a dollar, anything for a plug, just tell them what to holler and where to place their mug.

It doesn’t take an anesthesiologist to numb’em up and dumb’em down like this because processed food and television does the trick, it’s got many going through life deaf, dumb, blind and sick. It’s how we’ve ended up with a population too sick to think and too tired to blink, just barely getting by on prescription drugs and caffeine filled energy drinks. Addicted to salt and hooked on sweets, congested on dairy and constipated on meat. Junk food marketing preys on the weak and prime time television’s got them glued to their seats.

Where processed food and prescription drug ads play in succession only adding to their anxiety and deepening their depression. People start thinking they’re suffering from the disease they just saw advertised on TV when what they’re really suffering from is an inability to see that the reason they’re ill is a direct consequence of the way they live. So before they go looking for a partial fix with inevitable side effects to mix they ought to take a pause and get to the root cause by looking at their diet, lifestyle, and personality flaws.

A better world starts with me and you and that’s the reason why I live the way I do. From rise to rest I do my best to let a positive example shine through. It’s sad to see what our world is when one knows what it could be as between ideal and reality lies a sea of discrepancy however complaining won’t do much and complacence won’t do a thing so lets get informed get involved and see what each of us can bring.