Minute by Year

Minute by year another birthday draws near while it still seems like the last one was just here. The older we get the faster time moves take a look back and this is easy to prove. Once a year seemed like a lifetime and now it seems more like a half-time. Life’s short live with this in mind and seek to make the most with your remaining time. Regardless of whether you’re in your hundreds, teens, or somewhere in between don’t settle for second best or give up on your dreams.

Good People

Good people come and good people go,
As for when and which will leave us first,
None of us can ever really know,
As the order doesn’t always depend on ones age or ones health,
Because the end comes in many ways and often in stealth,
So lets make the most of this precious time and endeavor to thrive,
Each of us embodying what it means to be alive,
May each of us continue to love, learn, and grow,
And may we continue to do so until it is our own time to go.