In order to help safeguard the biosphere and our future as a species within it and eventually beyond it I pledge to do my best in meeting the following five pledges:

1.) I will not waste food, water, electricity, or any other precious resources; nor will I consume things unnecessarily even when they’re offered to me such as disposable drinking straws, beverage bottles, dining utensils, food boxes, and shopping bags.

2.) I will eat a vegan diet with most of it consumed raw thus not requiring any energy for cooking and I will strive to eat as locally and organically as practically possible by planning ahead and not putting myself in situations where I’m forced to compromise.

3.) I will make an effort to reduce my travel/commuting in fossil fuel powered vehicles and try not to travel unless I feel that any negative environmental impacts can be justified. I committed to stop flying long distances in 2005 and I stopped flying outright in 2015.

4.) In order to address the problems of overconsumption and overpopulation I vow not to have any children of my own and instead as an adult see myself as having some responsibility for the well-being of all children and will do what I can to live up to this responsibility.

5.) I will work to help make our world one where humans live freely in peace amongst themselves and in harmony with nature by setting a good example regardless of whether or not anyone is looking and by speaking out against social and environmental injustice.

I hope this gives you some ideas on where you can make improvements in your own diet and lifestyle and inspires you to make or work towards those important improvements.