Smoke Spewers

As one should I often call people out when they ride or drive past me in smoke spewing vehicles. If I’m able to speak with them I give them a brief and cordial lecture. Even if I’m unable to have a word with them if I can at least get their attention I will often point at the smoke coming from their vehicle and follow them with my extended arm with a look of disappointment/disapproval on my face as they go by. I think most people are intelligent enough to get it including onlookers most of whom I imagine after having been smoked many times themselves are happy that someone is in some small way is taking a stand.

Obviously the operators of these smoke spewing vehicles aren’t out to pollute the air on purpose it’s just that they lack the will, and sometimes the funds, to have their vehicles fixed. I see neither a valid excuse but can understand a poor persons predicament especially if they need their vehicle for work. However one thing I have never heard of, until today, is someone actually spending time and money to turn an emissions compliant vehicle into a smoke spewer. Where might you find such inconsiderate and irresponsible idiots? I wonder who these fine human specimens are going to vote for in November?

‘Rolling Coal’ in Diesel Trucks, to Rebel and Provoke

Donald Trump just lied again about opposing the Iraq War before it started. Here’s proof.

No More Unstable Strongman Leaders

The world doesn’t need another alpha male with a tendency to speak before they think leading a country especially one as powerful and influential as the United States.

Rodrigo Duterte’s Most Contentious Quotations

Philippine President Sorry, Not Sorry He Cursed Obama for Criticism of His Killing Spree

The more you think freely and amass knowledge the more you realize that the religion you were indoctrinated into and the country you were told to pledge allegiance to are just one of many within our fragile biosphere and that blind faith in either of them, or in a charismatic leader that claims to represent them, is what most often gets us humans into trouble.

Create your own culture, be your own leader, and strive to set a positive example for others.

Alcohol, Strangers, and Rape

Last night there was a tourist at a bar and she was alone but met some new friends, a couple from California, who this afternoon told me the following story on a little boat returning from the beach it took place. Yesterday evening after a few drinks this young lady left the bar and was later spotted by her new friends walking with a guy. Not too long after in a secluded place not too far from the bar the guy tried to molest her and while fleeing from him she stumbled and fell off a cliff. Continue reading

Gasoline Is Not Cheap

The fact that the average person in the U.S. is responsible for emitting more than twice as much greenhouse gas as the average person in the E.U. and Japan doesn’t seem to affect their vehicle purchasing or driving habits like you’d think/hope it would. Climate change, dying planet, future generations having to deal with the consequences… who cares. Gas is cheap so lets buy gas guzzlers and drive more! All people who drive, especially those who drive gas guzzlers, should make a serious effort to carpool.

American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers

Cheaper Gas Means More Americans Are On The Road

Ecological Footprint

I know what I’m doing to reduce my ecological footprint, how about you? What are you doing? Is that the best you can reasonably/comfortably do? I say reasonably/comfortably because I don’t think people should have to live in caves on diets of locally harvested edible weeds however according to my observations and this graph the average person, particularly the average U.S. and Canadian citizen, has major room for improvement. Climate Change Continues


Disaster Trump

Donald Trump is unfit to be president and entrusting such an erratic individual with the nuclear launch codes is beyond irresponsible it is insane. We can not elect a president who thinks climate change is a hoax and who has vowed to “cancel” the Paris Climate Agreement.

This election is not a choice between the lesser of two evils it is a choice between stability and disaster. I choose stability and that is why I support Hillary Clinton for president. Not voting or voting for a third party candidate is almost as bad as voting for Disaster Trump so I hope all Bernie supporters will vote for Hillary in November and encourage others to do the same.

Hey Terrorists and Their Sympathizers, Please Stop It.

God will take care of me and all the other infidels so there’s no reason for you to shoot up night clubs, drive into crowds of innocent people, or commit any other atrocious acts. By even thinking about committing such evil acts in the name of God you’re basically saying that God is incapable of determining and carrying out his own will so he needs you to do it for him. That type of thinking is not only arrogant it is also insulting to the God you claim to serve. It’s almost as if you don’t really believe there is a God and are simply using the whole God is on my side idea to justify your sick and twisted view of reality.

Instead of hating those who don’t follow your primitive rules and rituals just view us in amusement and laugh at us knowing that we’re really going to get it from God in the manner and at the time of his choosing, not yours. In conclusion, God doesn’t need you to make decisions and take actions for him so please stop it. Moreover if you know someone who may be thinking and/or planning something bad then please confront them and report them to the authorities. We must all be vigilant against the violent and mentally unstable among us regardless of which dogma they use to justify their ideology and actions.

The Human Toll of Terror

P.S. I hate to break it to you but your god doesn’t exist and we have no reason to believe that any other gods exist. At least not any that are aware of, concerned with, and actively influence the affairs on planet Earth so it’s time to stop praying (especially by singing/howling through loud speakers at 5am or any other time) and to start thinking for yourself and acting for a better world.


I just contacted my representatives in Congress and the Senate because although Bernie won my home state all three of my representatives are backing Hillary. If you’re from a state which the people said Sanders but the superdelegates are still saying Clinton I urge you to contact them and ask them to stand with the people and switch their support to Bernie because every superdelegate that switches over to Bernie strengthens our momentum going into New York and into the delegate rich Tuesday after that.

Just today Senator Merkley of Oregon switched his support to Senator Sanders and wrote this piece for the New York Times. We’re on the verge of something big! Lets not sit back and let it play out because if we do odds are this rare opportunity will slip through our fingers. You can contact your representatives via the links below.

U.S. Senate     U.S. House of Representatives

Every single Democratic superdelegate, in one chart

Here’s a template based off of what I just sent to my representatives. You are welcome to customize if you don’t want to write an email from scratch:

Dear …,

I am disappointed that as a superdelegate you have not switched your support to Senator Sanders considering he defeated Secretary Clinton in the … Primary/Caucus. I urge you to reconsider and to stand with the majority of … voters by switching your support to Senator Sanders. Polls have repeatedly shown that Senator Sanders is a stronger candidate in the general election and as you know we can’t risk a low voter turnout and losing the White House to a Republican candidate that won’t even acknowledge climate change is a problem let alone take decisive action to curb it. Lets not just keep the White House in sane and progressive hands but also win back the Senate and gain seats in the Congress.

Please support Senator Bernie Sanders and urge other superdelegates from … along with those from other states won by Senator Sanders to do the same.


What We’re Capable Of

Don’t let Hillary Clinton or anyone else tell you what the U.S. and it’s citizens are capable of whether it be providing single-payer healthcare for all or free college tuition particularly when such things have already been successfully done by other developed nations with higher standards of living and higher levels of social mobility.

The U.S./world suffers when people are sick and unproductive therefore it makes sense to ensure that everyone has access to efficient and affordable health care. The U.S./world also suffers when people are ignorant so it makes sense that anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to further their education are able to do so regardless of their families wealth and without fear of becoming a slave to student debt.

Secular Bangladeshi Writers and Publishers

Freedom of thought/expression and freedom from the threats/violence of those who hold opposing views is a fundamental human right. When this sacred right is threatened in any part of the world as global citizens we should all take note and speak up. The government of Bangladesh must do all it can to bring these murderers to justice and prevent similar tragedies from occurring again in the future.

Bangladesh students protest after blogger hacked to death

I just tried to send this to the Bangladeshi embassy in D.C. but the contact form on their website doesn’t work so I sent it to the Bangladeshi consulate in N.Y.C. and asked them to please forward it. I’m telling you this is to encourage you to speak out when you hear or see things that you do not accept and would like to see properly addressed provided you aren’t in a position properly address them yourself.

P.S. Free Raif Badawi

“Make America Great Again.” or “America Is Already Great.”?

Neither. No country is or has ever been great and our species is not nor has it ever been great. What many countries and humanity as a whole have done is progress a long way towards greatness. On this journey many great things have been accomplished however there’s still a long way to go before our species or any specific country can be considered great. I believe that humanity can achieve greatness, not perfection but greatness, by the end of this century provided we all do our best to become great individuals, to positively influence those around us, and work to positively shape the societies in which we live.

U.S. Politics and Islamic Terrorism

The Middle East is on fire and the first thing we need to do to extinguish this fire is to stop fueling it and providing it power vacuums to grow in, e.g., Iraq, Libya, Syria, because no matter how well planned and carefully executed a U.S. supported multilateral military campaign led by Muslim nations in the region against ISIS is it will not succeed if terrorists are being created faster than they’re being destroyed and/or persuaded to renounce violence.

Advocating to discriminate against people who identify as Muslim whether it be by temporarily banning them from entering the U.S. or by creating a database of those who are already in the U.S. and targeting them for surveillance is not only morally wrong it’s strategically stupid because humanity needs the help of these people to put an end to the kind of indiscriminate violence we saw in Brussels yesterday and bunching them all into one big group and discriminating against them on the basis of which religion they were indoctrinated into as a child regardless of how they decide to interpret and practice that religion as adults isn’t the way to get it.

Dear Working Class Republicans and All Other U.S. Voters,

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 15th, is an extremely important voting day. I’ve already explained why I feel Bernie Sanders is a far better presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton, now I’d like to make the case why working class Republican voters, particularly those who may be leaning towards Trump, should seriously consider supporting Sanders. I think that if most Trump supporters, the ones who aren’t racist and weak minded xenophobic nationalists looking for an authoritarian tough guy to lead them, got to know Bernie they’d drop Trump in a second. The Donald may think “his people” are so loyal that he could go out and “shoot someone” and not lose any votes but I think the reason why he has so many “loyal” supporters is because they’ve looked at this years Republican Party offerings and over the years have looked at many other Republican and Democratic politicians, and feel there’s no one that represents them and is willing to stand up and fight for their interests because most of these Republicrat politicians are too busy representing the interests of Wall Street and their other big money backers. Continue reading

Casino Jack and the United States of Money

If you’re a U.S. citizen please watch this documentary and see just how corrupt your country is, why campaign finance reform is such a critical issue, and why it’s important to transition to publicly funded elections which is something only Bernie Sanders is talking about. As for Hillary Clinton she is waste deep in this corrupt campaign finance system and won’t even release the transcripts to her paid speeches to Wall Street. We need a political revolution to get big money out of politics and overcome this corrupt system of campaign finance and return power to the people U.S. politicians are supposed to represent. Bernie is the candidate to do it!

Casino Jack and the United States of Money

Prayer and Politics

In last nights debate when asked “To whom and for whom do you pray?” part of Hillary’s long-winded response was “I pray for the will of god to be known so that we can know it and to the best of our limited ability try to follow it and fulfill it.”. One of humanity’s biggest problems is precisely that too many people are trying to follow and fulfill god’s will. How are we going to solve such a problem and eliminate groups like ISIS and Boko Haram with the same kind of superstitious thinking? We don’t need a president who thinks like a jihadist nor do we need one that also said it was hard to imagine living under the pressure of being in the White House without being able to fall back on prayer and faith, and that she prays on a pretty regular basis during the day because she needs that strength and she needs that support.

I don’t want a president who needs that strength and support, I want one that has their own strength and relies on the support of advisers, experts, and the people; not on supernatural beings who depending on a president’s mood might give them the strength and support to drop bombs on innocent people like the children of ISIS members that Trump said he’d kill and who would inevitably die in one of Cruz’s proposed carpet bombing runs. Speaking of Cruz he just had a very good weekend beating or tying Trump in 3 of 4 states. Remember that Hillary loses to him in most of the polls. Not only do I not want to risk this I don’t even want to risk her running against Trump who polling projects her to beat but not by nearly as much as Bernie who can inspire a larger voter turnout and get votes from people across the political spectrum.

Iowa & New Hamshire 2016

In just a few hours the Iowa caucuses will begin and although a win there is by no means essential it’d be very nice to start the primaries with a one two punch this evening in Iowa and next week in New Hampshire. If you’re still undecided and are looking for an honest, straight talking, independent non-partisan minded candidate capable of bridging the red-blue divide and making the U.S. and the rest of the world a better place check out this Bernie Brief on climate change and campaign finance.


Ignorocracy or Apathocracy?

I voted today! My vote won’t be received for two weeks and it won’t be counted for another four after that however I did mail in my absentee ballot. In 2014 just over a third of the US electorate cast a vote and even more pathetic is that of 18 to 34 year-olds less than a quarter of them voted. No wonder we have a bunch of fossil fuel funded climate change deniers in the House and Senate doing everything they can to obstruct initiatives that shift the U.S. to clean energy and set a positive example for the rest of the world.

Equally pathetic is that in 2014 around 95% of those running for re-election in the House and Senate were re-elected. This either shows how awesome Congress is or how ignorant and apathetic the voters are and how big money rather than voter preference really determines who runs and gets elected. Don’t just wait until November to pull the lever for whichever of the two candidates were selected for you but vote now or in the coming weeks depending on where you live for the candidate you’d like to see on the ballot in November.

Fixing a Broken System

Who are the “Billionaire Class” and why is Bernie so adamant about standing up to them?

Why is comprehensive campaign finance reform so critical to the future of U.S. democracy?

When are people in the U.S. going to wake up and support politicians that represent their best interests rather than those of big money donors?

Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right.

The more you learn the more you Feel the Bern!